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Biomedicine emerged as a consequence of the necessity to consolidate an active interaction between basic and clinical researchers that with an integral approach will solve specific health problems.

Therefore, by this multidisciplinary scheme these researchers will tackle important public health issues that due to its magnitude and complexity, only will be solve if they are simultaneously undertaken by a panel of experts, with different and complementary disciplines.

Thus the essential characteristic of biomedicine is the multidisciplinary problem approach that includes all the steps from the symptoms to the molecular mechanism involved in the disease etiology and pathology.

This type of approach has allowed for the first time the training of specialists in an integral concept of basic and clinical research including novel techniques. The results of this working model has an immediate value back into society, since the understanding of the physiopathology of diseases provides the foundation for the development of biologic, diagnostic and pharmacologic reagents, including vaccines, thus granting proper and sound treatment for patients.