The CINVESTAV, with their long trajectory of scientific excellence, has congregated through time an important group of basic researchers that cultivate different disciplines related to Biology and Medicine. The basic research that has been developed in these disciplines, on one hand has contributed fundamental knowledge of living organisms and their surroundings, and on the other hand this knowledge has allowed the solution of problems related to human health.

This consolidated group of basic researchers recognized the necessity to develop an integral research program with the medical area and realized that in the CINVESTAV such research department with an integral and multidisciplinary approach was necessary.

Therefore, the Molecular Biomedicine multidisciplinary program was created in September 1994, which main objectives were: to identify specific and important health problems of our community, to establish bonds with our country health institutions, to solve these health issues using the multidisciplinary approach and to apply all generated knowledge back to the community. The program was originally constituted by researches belonging to both the diverse departments of CINVESTAV biological area and from different metropolitan and nation wide state health institutions. This multidisciplinary academic structure. allowed the development of research protocols with health institutions in which their researchers were directors or co-directors of Master and PhD students together with researchers from CINVESTAV. The program was a success, several students were enrolled and many health institutions established collaborations through these students with the program. Therefore, in 1996, only 2 years after the programs creation, CINVESTAV decided that was time to start hiring researchers exclusively for the program with the idea to create a new department, with its own institutional budget and building. Then finally the Molecular Biomedicine department was created in February 1999, nowadays includes 12 researchers that work on a variety of disciplines (immunology, microbiology, parasitology, oncology, chronic degenerative diseases, pharmacology, molecular epidemiology and molecular and cell biology) all of them belonging to the National System of Researchers and 60% are level 3 and 2. Until now 68 PhD students have been graduated, most of them are working in the field in Mexico or abroad, and we have published in international peer reviewed journals 210 papers