Leticia Cedillo Barrón PhD

3C Senior Researcher
Category in the SNI: Level II
Doctor of Science in Immunology (1994), ENCB, IPN


Dr Leticia Cedillo-Barrón is a Bacteriologist and Parasitologist, specialist in Virology and Immunology. She obtained a Master and PhD in Immunology doing research in Malaria and lecturing at the National School of Biological Sciences (ENCB-IPN). She then joined the team of Professor Michael Parkhouse at the Institute for Animal Health in Pirbrigh (UK) obtaining first a fellowship from the Wellcome foundation for two years. She then got her training in Virology and Molecular Biology with the exotic viruses such as FMDV and ASF. After, she was hired by the European Community at the same institution for 4 years, when she was involved in the evaluation of different targets of protective immunogens for the elaboration of potential recombinant vaccines. Currently she is working at CINVESTAV since the year 2000. Level II of the SNI (2014-)

  • Research articles published: 51

  • Chapters in books 4

  • Direction of Doctoral Thesis: 14.

  • Direction of Master Thesis: 20

  • Direction of Bachelor Thesis: 1


  • Dengue virus and its proteins involved in immunopathogenesis.

  • Innate immunity against Dengue, Zika and CHIKV viruses.

  • Recombinant vaccines against Dengue virus. Research and teaching experience


In our laboratory, we are interested in Characterization of the early events involved in innate immunity against Dengue virus.
Is well known that DENV can trigger apoptosis in host cells in vitro and in vivo. We are interested to elucidate the viral proteins and the mechanisms by which DENV trigger apoptosis. The elucidation of this phenomena may be critical to understand dengue pathogenesis in the early times of infection
Additionally, we are studying the immune responses in animal models and also in patients from Dengue outbreaks in different regions of Mexico.


1987-1999 Assistant Professor of Immunology at Immunology department. National School of Biological Science -IPN
1994-2000 Posdoctoral Research Fellow. Institute for animal Health Pirbright Laboratory Surrey  UK
2000- Senior Research at Centro de Investigacion y estudios Avanzados. Depto of Molecular Biomedicine  (lecturer and researcher)


Advanced Virology (for Postgraduate Students)
Immunology (For Posgraduate Students)

Center for Research and Advanced Studies as a Researcher. • Level II of the SNI (2014-) • Research articles published: 51 • Chapters in books 4 • Direction of Doctoral Thesis: 14. • Direction of Master's Thesis: 20 • Direction of Bachelor's Thesis: 1 Research topics • Dengue virus immunopathogenesis. • Innate immunity against Dengue, Zika and CHIKV viruses. • Recombinant vaccines against Dengue virus. Research and teaching experience • Associate Professor C. Department of Immunology National School of Biological Sciences IPN (1988-1994). • Postdoctoral stay Department of Immunology Institute for Animal Health (IAH Pirbright Laboratory) Surrey County UK (1994-2000) • Department of Molecular Biomedicine CINVESTAV-IPN from July 200 to date.

Colaboration Institutes
Dr. Francisco Juárez Delgado Hospital Santa Maria Ticomán (National Health System)
Dr. Héctor Vivanco Cid Universidad Veracruzana
Dr. Philipe Despres Pasteur Institute. France
Dr. Leopoldo Santos Biomedicina Molecular (CINVESTAV)
Dr. Leopoldo Flores Romo Cellular Biology (CINVESTAV)
Dr. Samuel Canizales Instituto Nacional de Ciencias Médicas y Nutrición Salvador Zubirán
Dr. Miguel Ángel Gómez-Lim CINVESTAV- (Campus Guanajuato)
Dr. José Bustos Arriaga Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México
Dr. Stephen S. Whitehead National Institutes of Health USA
Dr. Humberto Lanz Mendoza Instituto Nacional de Salud Pública
Dr. Jesús Valenzuela National Institutes of Health USA
Dr. Moisés León Juárez Instituto Nacional de Perinatología
Dr. José Luis Maravillas Instituto Nacional de Pediatria
Dr. Edgar Morales CINVESTAV-Zacatenco
Dr. Juan Manuel Alvarado Orozco CIDECI
Dr. David Fernández Benavidez CIDECI
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  • Marcial-Juárez E, García-Cordero J, Maqueda-Alfaro RA, Saucedo-López RE, Sánchez-Torres LE, Cedillo-Barrón L, Flores-Romo L. Cutaneous Dengue Virus Inoculation Triggers Strong B Cell Reactions but Contrastingly Poor T Cell Responses. Virol Sin. 2020 Oct;35(5):575-587. doi: 10.1007/s12250-020-00213-6.

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  • Zaidi MB, Cedillo-Barron L, González Y Almeida ME, Garcia-Cordero J, Campos FD, Namorado-Tonix K, Perez F. Serological tests reveal significant cross-reactive human antibody responses to Zika and Dengue viruses in the Mexican population. Acta Trop. 2020 Jan;201:105201. doi: 10.1016/j.actatropica.2019.105201.

  • Corzo-Gómez J, García-Cordero J, Montes Gómez AE, Bernal-Siria K, Namorado-Tónix K, Gutierrez-Castañeda B, Cedillo-Barrón L. Expression and purification of domain III proteins from Dengue and Zika viruses. Protein Expr Purif. 2019 Oct;162:38-43. doi: 10.1016/j.pep.2019.05.005

  • Serrano C, Galán S, Rubio JF, Candelario-Martínez A, Montes-Gómez AE, Chánez-Paredes S, Cedillo-Barrón L, Schnoor M, Meraz-Ríos MA, Villegas-Sepúlveda N, Ortiz-Navarrete V, Nava P Compartmentalized Response of IL-6/STAT3 Signaling in the Colonic Mucosa Mediates Colitis Development. J Immunol. 2019 Feb 15;202(4):1239-1249. doi: 10.4049/jimmunol.1801060.

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  • Zaidi MB, Garcia-Cordero J, Rivero-Gomez R, Corzo-Gomez J, González Y Almeida ME, Bonilla-Moreno R, Bustos-Arriaga J, Villegas-Sepulveda N, Flores-Romo L, Cedillo-Barron L. Competitive suppression of dengue virus replication occurs in chikungunya and dengue co-infected Mexican infants. Parasit Vectors. 2018 Jul 3;11(1):378. doi: 10.1186/s13071-018-2942-1..

  • Cedillo-Barrón L, García-Cordero J, Shrivastava G, Carrillo-Halfon S, León-Juárez M, Bustos Arriaga J, León Valenzuela P, Gutiérrez Castañeda B. The Role of Flaviviral Proteins in the Induction of Innate Immunity. Subcell Biochem. 2018;88:407-442. doi: 10.1007/978-981-10-8456-0_17..

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  • Montes-Gómez AE, Vivanco-Cid H, Bustos-Arriaga J, Zaidi MB, Garcia-Machorro J, Gutierrez-Castañeda B, Cedillo-Barron L. Construct and expression of recombinant domains I/II of dengue virus- 2 and its efficacy to evaluate immune response in endemic area: Possible use in prognosis.Acta Trop. 2017 Jul;171:233-238. doi: 10.1016/j.actatropica.2017.04.006.

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